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Ready to Ignite The Very Best in You?

Experience the excitement, the depth, and the connection that comes

from a group encounter with Stephanie!

As a dynamic and inspirational Keynote Speaker, having Stephanie speak to your group, for an online seminar, for a live event or group retreat will take your event to the next level. 


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  Discover the Keys to Empower Your Life  

 Get clear on your vision in life and learn simple steps to make it become a reality 

Become Fierce

Break through limiting beliefs and develop a mindset that cultivates resilience, grit, and well-being. Learn coping skills for dealing with life's challenges and the ways to rise above them. From understanding our relationship with power and the duality of surrender, you will ignite the fire of your essence and become fierce.

Ignite Your Joy

Tap into your full aliveness, radiance, and ignite your passion for living! Through specific breath work, brain activations, and visualization, Stephanie combines the best in neuropsychology, research and science to help you

supercharge your life.

Make Every Day Matter

Find the tools that start your day with a primed body, mind, and spirit that will serve you in creating your best life. Learn how to create life habits that will powerfully serve you in living your passion and purpose  

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“Stephanie James exudes joy,
wisdom and compassion when she speaks. She is a
well-versed guide
on the journey
to inner-peace and awakening.”

Brian J.

"I felt like the event was a melding of science, spirituality, and love that collectively gave me a sense of hope and anticipation of great and beautiful things being possible."


Toni D.
 "Listening to Stephanie
moved me in so many ways.
Her knowledge was remarkable and she shared in ways that
I was able to fully integrate
and take with me. She has positively change my thinking and my life.

Marie L.

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