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Flying Lanterns

When Sparks Ignite


Writer, Producer and Visionary, Stephanie James brings you a documentary about how the challenges we face can actually become the match point for what ignites our inner sparks and then becomes the gift that we give to others and humanity that help illuminate the world.

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Marble Surface

With a cast of some of the most inspirational thought leaders, wisdom keepers, and change makers on the planet, When Sparks Ignite will inspire you to thrive and heal your life.

As we live our life in greater fullness, we

can ignite the spark in others to do the same.

Marble Surface
nate in crowd 2_edited.jpg

Go behind the scenes and witness the alchemy that happens when sparks ignite!

movie 5_edited.jpg

Your. Healing. Matters.

As you heal, you become the pebble in the pond

and the concentric circles that radiate out from you helps others to heal. 

The essential time is now.

And the essential person

is YOU!

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