Flying Lanterns

Projects by Stephanie James

Marble Surface

Creator and co-producer of the film

When Sparks Ignite

Stephanie James’ documentary about how the challenges we face can actually become the match point for what ignites our inner sparks and then becomes the gift that we give to others and humanity that help illuminate the world.


The Book: The Spark- Igniting Your Best Life



"What does it mean to live a spark-filled life?

It means waking up to a morning full of possibility and potential that you intentionally plug into. It means moving past your past and leaning in fully to the present moment to create the kind of future you want, full of joy,

abundance, and magical moments.

When you live a spark-filled life, you let go of old, limiting beliefs and adopt new ones that ignite your spirit and heal your heart. It’s focusing on what you want to create in your life and then taking the action to make it happen. There’s an amazing life available to you and you hold the flame within you to ignite your best life."

  Excerpt from The Spark- Igniting Your Best Life