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Retreats with Stephanie 

Take your journey with Stephanie to an expansive level and light up your best life in an amazing group experience​!

With the guidance of Stephanie James, transformational expert, author, coach and producer of the film When Sparks Ignite, you will overcome blocks and limiting beliefs and develop a mindset that increases your well-being and leads to a greater sense of success and mastery in your life. 

You will also learn to heal deep wounds, open your heart and connect with others in a beautiful way that will enhance your relationship with yourself and in all other areas of your life. 

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"My experience at the Becoming Fierce retreat was life changing! I found an incredible inner strength thanks to the help of all the powerful, inspiring facilitators. This allowed me to truly heal myself inside and to really step into the person I am!  Stephanie is such a bright light and I am grateful for the time I spent with her. I will definitely be attending another one of her retreats! If you’re on the fence, just go for it!

You will be so happy that you did!" 

-Lauren M.

Mesa Arizona 

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It is your time to shine! Come join Stephanie at one of her beautiful retreat locations and give yourself the gift of reigniting your purpose, your passion, and exploring your full aliveness!

You will experience a transformative immersion into finding your voice, strength and purpose that will ignite your life

in a powerful way.


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  • Break Through Limiting  Beliefs                                       

  • Increase Your Resilency and Cultivate Joy                             

  • Enhance Your Relationship to Yourself and All Others       

  • Increase Your Well-Being Through Meditation and Mindfulness Practices              

  • Expand Your Goals and Visions - Igniting Your Best Life

Powerful things happen when we connect to nature and to ourselves. Come join one of our retreats nestled in the beautiful rocky  mountains. Get in touch with the earth around you and the amazing world within you. 

Utilizing the best research in cognitive behavioral techniques, EFT tapping, mindfulness, meditation and ways to increase joy, Stephanie brings you an experience that will awaken your inner self and ignite the flames of passion, and well being within you.



Experience the joy that comes from tapping into the amazing essence that is you!  


You were born to be a full expression of your soul and to illuminate others with your light. 


As we heal, we become pebbles in the pond that allows the consentric circles of healing to radiate to others. Together, we can help illuminate the world.

Come play, renew and ignite the sparks in you at one of our tropical retreats. 


Allow your senses to come alive and plug into a beautiful setting where your heart, body, soul, and spirit ignite for a one of a kind experience.

Delve into the highest expression of yourself through movement, mediation, mindfullness training, and internal growth sessions that will allow you to cultivate your life at the next level. 



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 The Best is Yet to Come!!! 

Stephanie's retreats host some of the most inspirational thought leaders and change makers in the world for one-a-kind events that will transform your life in positive and powerful ways. 

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L to R: Stephanie James, Dr. Cari Schaefer, Natalie Ledwell, and Cynthia James

We are waiting for you!

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