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Your Chance to Create Your Best Life

Lasting Change in Your Life?

Is That Even Possible?

Here's Your Answer...
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Igniting Your Best Life Master Class

4 months/ 8 sessions/ 1 ignited life!

you need to attend the Igniting Your Best Life Master Class...

HERE’s what you will get in the program-


• For signing up today you will also receive- 

  • One hour 1:1 individualized coaching session to clarify your goals and visions and help craft your personal plan for igniting. ($450 value!)


  • A  copy of my book, The Spark - Igniting Your Best Life


  • My Whole-Self Priming System


  • Prioritize Yourself- 30 day program


  • Cultivating a Pathway to your Goals Calendar System


  • I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams and live the most expanded version of yourself! 

1. You feel stuck and waiting for something to happen. 

2. You want to do more but things aren't working out              for you. 

3. You have stop and start patterns which make life more      difficult. 

4. You want to exponentially grow your business.

5. You want more out of life.

6. You are looking to deepen your learning and create a        lasting change.

7. You're ready to implement what it takes to create your        best life. 

It's all about CREATING
A LIFE YOU DESIRE & trust me, that is possible...

Who is Stephanie James?

With over 33 years of

experience as a 

Transformational Coach,


Speaker & and Author

Stephanie James has not

only helped thousands of

people create a lasting

change in their lives but

she has also empowered 

them to touch their own 

inner sparks.

Her deep connection and 

power to empower 

people, sets her apart

from the rest.

And that's exactly what's 

gonna happen in the 

upcoming "Igniting Your 

Best Life Event."


Sign me up!

"Talk about reframing the way

you look at each day, the 

impact we each can contribute,

and the ripple effect of those

micro-deposits! Stephanie

lays out the framework for

building a cup-filling life via

igniting the inner spark that we

all carry."

Steve E.

"This was exactly what I

needed! I was hoping to be

energized, motivated, and 

inspired and I WAS!"

Laurie O.

"You are such an inspiration

and fantastic motivational

speaker.  Joy, happiness, and

gratitude radiate from you!

Thank you for sharing that with


Kim H.

"I loved the strategies you gave

us!  It felt very personal and 

allowed me to reflect on my 

own core beliefs and how to

change them more positively.

Most importantly, I loved your 

SPIRIT and energy.  Thank you

for sharing your gifts with us!"

Bob H.

"Stephanie offers so many

inspirational ways to help ignite

your life. I cannot say enough

about her!"


Susan N.


"Thank you! I needed that. This

was so inspiring and moving.

Right now I feel excited about

my life!"


Tasha A. 

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