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"There is an amazing life available to you. You hold the flame.

It's time to ignite your best life."

Stephanie James


I was one of the lucky ones (or so I thought.) I was born into a beautiful family and truly had a golden childhood for thirteen years. Surrounded by loving parents, I grew up in Colorado with a childhood full of laughter, joy and the fun of hiking, skiing, and camping in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.


In one night, this beautiful sense of family was completely destroyed, and irreversibly broken. That night my father, completely out of the blue, told my mother he was leaving her for another woman. We were never a family again. This affected my life in profound ways. The once confident, joyful, little girl was now replaced with a young woman who struggled with self-worth, trust, and feeling good enough. This struggle carried on into my adulthood.

Through a life changing experience in my early thirties, I became aware that the self-worth, love, and validation that I had been searching for externally, were actually right there inside of me the whole time. This began a beautiful journey of transformation, personal empowerment, and a deep thirst for knowledge that could help myself and others deeply heal. I have been blessed to help thousands of people on their own healing journeys to achieve their dreams, live their purpose, and ignite their best lives.

I have continue to live an ignited life full of purpose and passion through my films, books, speaking events, and coaching. My tools and methods can help you create a life that takes you, your goals, and your passions to the next level.  As you gift yourself with tapping into your full potential, you begin to transform all other areas in your life. Your work, family, and self-concept will all be positively and powerfully transformed. 

What lights you up?  

As a psychotherapist, presenter, transformational coach, author, filmmaker, and podcast host, I have experienced what it means to live fully lit up and fully alive. I have gathered wisdom from some of the most amazing minds and serving hearts on the planet and have synthesized their wisdom with my own knowledge and experience to help amazing individuals, just like you, expand their

vision of themselves and ignite their purpose. 

My personal purpose is to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible. I know that as we live as the greatest versions of ourselves, we illuminate the way for others to do the same. The unique light that is YOU was meant to shine bright in this world.  Shine on!


With light and love,


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Private/Group Coaching

Stephanie’s private and group coaching gives individuals the specific tools they need to break through limiting beliefs, implement new life strategies and ignite their own unique sparks

to live life in full expression.


Keynote Speaking 

If you want a dynamic Keynote speaker to ignite your next event, Stephanie delivers the best in inspiration, motivation, and transformation, sharing the tools and the leading researched based techniques to help individuals discover and live their best lives in an amazing group experience!

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Events and Retreats 

Offered world-wide, Stephanie's retreats are absolutely transformational, bringing the best in psychology, science, and spirituality to cultivate what is best in you and expand your

passion, purpose, and joy!

Come experience how you can live your life more fully,

authentically, and vibrantly!

White Branch

"Your life was meant to be a beautiful expression of the things that light you up!  As you live your dreams, you give others permission to do the same.”

Stephanie James



“Talk about reframing the way you look at each day, the impact we each can contribute, and the ripple effect of those micro-deposits!? Stephanie lays out the framework for building a cup-filling life via igniting the inner spark that we all carry.”

Steve E

“This was exactly what I needed! I was hoping to be energized, motivated, and inspired and I WAS!”  

Laurie Ostrom

“You are such an inspiration and fantastic motivational speaker. Joy Happiness and gratitude radiate from you! Thank you for sharing that with me!

Kim Hein 

“I loved the strategies you gave us! It felt very personal and allowed me to reflect on my own core beliefs and how to change them more positively. Most importantly, I loved your SPIRIT and energy. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!”

Bob H

“Stephanie offers so many inspirational ways to help ignite your life. I cannot say enough about her!”

Susan N

“Thank you! I needed that.  This was so inspiring and moving. Right now I feel excited about my life!”

Tosha A

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The Podcast
Igniting the Spark
with Stephanie James

With a mission of bringing as much love and healing to the world as possible, The Spark radio show and podcast interviews luminaries and thought leaders in the areas of psychology, science, and spirituality. 

 Podcast available at Mind,Body, Spirit.FM and on most podcast platforms. 


The Film

When Sparks Ignite

Available on the MoreU Channel on Plex Network and now on

Humanity Stream+

Creator and co-producer of the film When Sparks Ignite,
Stephanie James’ powerful and inspirational documentary shows us how the challenges we face can actually become the match point that ignites something within us

that then becomes

our gift to the world. 

Stephanie's First Book:
The Spark - Igniting Your Best Life

 The Books

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Featured In

What Matters Most

With Paul Samuel Doleman

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